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6.21.13 Maria D’Andrea, Author and Psychic Takes Your Calls


Listen to Archived Program, FREE, Anytime. HR 1.

Listen to Archived Program, FREE, Anytime. HR 2.

maria FBOur guest is professional psychic and author, Maria D’Andrea. Some of us become interested in psychic matters and “study” the subject. Maria is one of those unique individuals that was not only born into a psychic family, but has had the gift for as long as she can remember.

The “realm of the psychic” is a life long passion for Maria – it is definitely her Dharma – what it is that she is supposed to be doing with her life. Along her path of discovery Maria has learned European Shamanism, Meditation Techniques, Palmistry, Past Life Research, Personal Health and Wellness Techniques, Tarot Card Reading, Psychometry, Rune Casting, and MANY other fascinating aspects of the world of psychic skills and tools.

Maria D’Andrea shares with us her lifelong knowledge and we discuss metaphysical and spiritual topics this program.

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