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3.05.13 Tim Beckley, Paranormal Researcher, Author, Publisher talks Supernatural & More


Timothy Green Beckley – The Life & Times of a Paranormal Investigator

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Tim-Beckley-2-FB-72Our guest is Tim Beckley. Tim, editor of “Conspiracy Journal”, has been publishing metaphysical and paranormal books since the ‘60s and has covered just about every topic under the sun concerning metaphysical science.

Tim’s life long interest in paranormal investigation comes from a continuous series of “far out” experiences. As a small child, Tim was saved by either an angel or by some supernatural force.

Tim grew up in a haunted house. He had out of body experiences from an early age. His grandfather saw a headless horseman.


Our guest, Tim Beckley has had more coincidences than you can shake a dowsing stick at!

While many of us have unusual experiences, most either dismiss it as just something “strange,” some do their best to forget about it, and others ask the question, “What was THAT all about?”

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