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Edie Weinstein on What is Blocking You from Living Your Life of Passion & Purpose?


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edie fbOur guest is Edie Weinstein, who in her own words is a Renaissance Woman and Bliss Mistress who delights in inviting people to live rich, full, juicy lives.

This program we  enter an exploration of what it means to live a life of passion and purpose and  how to conquer the blocks that most of us put in front of ourselves with our own limiting beliefs. Edie is an inspirational author, coach, workshop facilitator and radio host who provides guidance based on her own  grounded experience and down to earth wisdom.

Here are a few thoughts from Edie about living your ideal life with passion and purpose:

"I think  of the movie Bruce Almighty in which Jim Carrey's character takes over the role of God, (played by Morgan Freeman) and as God he decides to say YES! to everyone's prayers and chaos ensues. It makes you think, What would it be like  if everyone got to live their ideal life?" ~ Edie

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