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5/28/14 Activist Ethan Indigo Smith on Fueling Individual Empowerment


Ethan Indigo SmithEthan Indigo Smith

Beyond Oligarchy and Onward
to Individual Empowerment
with Ethan Indigo Smith,

Author, Political Activist, and Free Thinker.

What truths about the future did George Orwell reveal with his groundbreaking novel, 1984? Ethan Indigo Smith explores and compares the world Orwell created with the world today. Is it going to get bleaker or is their hope for the thinking man and woman?

Ethan Indigo Smith, author of The Complete Patriot’s Guide,  is our guest this program to continue  an eye-opening conversation about the concept of an “oligarchy.” It’s an odd-sounding word that it not commonly used here in the west. Recent studies by Princeton and Northwestern universities have concluded that The United States of America is no longer a “democracy,” never mind a “republic.” But rather, it has silently become an OLIGARCHY.

To better understand what this means, Ethan Indigo Smith joins us again  for an hour that will leave you MUCH more informed.

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