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Children and Near Death Experiences – Real!! by Dr Atwater



by P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.Near Death Expereince expert and author

Heaven is for realThe movie “Heaven is for Real” is about the near-death experience Colton Burpo had when he was four. No, he did not die, at least not technically, yet he came very close – close enough that he left this world and entered another – where he met Jesus, saw angels, and spoke with Pops, his paternal grandfather, who had died years before. When shown a picture of Pops, he shook his head no, that wasn’t the man. Not until his dad found a much younger photo of the grandfather did Colton say yes, that was Pops, adding that “People are younger in heaven.”

Todd Burpo, Colton’s father, was a Methodist minister in Imperial, Nebraska. His son, telling such strange tales about heaven and Jesus, caused him much grief, a real test of faith and of his ability to continue on as a minister. Then Colton spoke of meeting his older sister in heaven; her death while still in her mother’s tummy, was never discussed. It is clearly impossible Colton could have ever known anything about this “other” child – or even that the miscarried baby was female.

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