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A Life-Long New Yorker’s Perspective on Donald Trump, Robert Morningstar


The 2016 Presidential Phenomenon Called Donald Trump.

Dateline: 1.29.16 – On June 16, 2015 business tycoon and billionaire Donald J. Trump announced that he was running for president and he immediately set the media ON FIRE! Right out of the gate, he said he wants to secure our southern boarder because Mexico is not sending us their best. Murders, rapists, and gang members are just WALKING IN. And the media has been chattering, whining, and carping ever since about Mr. Trump.

But when I listened to what Trump was saying, my immediate gut reaction was, “This man is telling the truth!” The more I listened and read I saw an honest candidate, because he is beholding to NO ONE! The last time we had a president that thought HE was the president was

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