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How the Mainstream Press Avoids and Disdains Reporting on UFO Stories on YouTube


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Tim Swartz8.13.14 Now on YouTube.. FarOutRadio is honored to present our regular and always popular  guest, Tim Swartz, Independent Investigative Analyst, Paranormal Researcher and author of many books.

Guest: Tim Swartz

Topic: Why does the American mainstream media give UFO stories such shabby treatment? Tim recently wrote an article titled, “Reporting On UFOs: How the Mainstream Press Avoids UFO Stories” and you can read the complete article here… http://uforeview.tripod.com/ufosandpress.html We touched upon the ABC News UFO Special from 2005 with Peter Jennings and how it compared with the Kingman, Arizona UFO Crash of 1953, and the 1897 Aurora, Texas Airship Incident. The Aurora, Texas story was especially interesting because this was in 1903 – six years after the Aurora incident.

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