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Affordable, Healthy Rice without Nasty GMOs!!


Newly Developed Rice Increases Yield in Drought Without Genetic Modification by FarOutRadio Featured Columnist, Heather Callaghan

Rice-Gene-Digs-Deep-To-Triple-Yields-In-DroughtGenetic modification is touted as the only way to feed starving nations, yet they often have decreased yields or lead to superweed and insect resistance.But there are solutions other than changing the entire ecology. Biodiversity, crop rotation techniques, or…simple crossbreeding!Earlier in August, a study published in Nature Genetics showed promising results by Japanese researchers headed by Yusaku Uga, researcher with the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences in Japan.Rice is heavily studied now – it is a large part of nearly half of the world's daily diet. However, it doesn't do well at all in drought conditions, mainly because of its shallow root system.

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