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HollyWood Icons Paul Newman and Steve McQueen Loved to Race Sports Cars!


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Matt StoneIt’s a Friday Night Car Show, here at Far Out Radio! But for tonight, we’re going “Hollywood” with automotive journalist, Matt Stone. Matt will be on for the full two hours and we’ll be talking about his two books, “Winning – The Racing Life of Paul Newman” and “McQueen’s Machines – The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon,”  both published by Motorbooks and available at Motorbooks.com and Amazon.com.

While Hollywood has had iconic stars since its beginnings, few are as associated with cars, racing, and speed as are Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. “The King of Cool,” Steve McQueen was a true rebel/bad boy and is on record saying that were it not for acting, he probably would have ended up in jail.

Fast cars and motorcycles were a lifelong passion for McQueen and his celebrity status and income allowed him to indulge in fast cars, motorcycles, regular cars, and knock around trucks – and LOTS of them. McQueen’s two “racing” films were “On Any Sunday” about off-road motorcycling, and the 1971 film, “Le Mans” filmed at the 1970 Le Mans race with McQueen doing his own driving.

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