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3.25.2013 Clark C. McClelland’s Stargate Chronicles Chapter 1: Jackie Gleason and UFOs


Jackie Gleason, Richard Nixon, UFOs and DEAD ETs!

Welcome to Clark C. McClelland’s Stargate Chronicles Interview here on Far Out Radio.________________________________________________________

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Clark-McClelland-FB-Graphic-72Former NASA Flight Engineer, Clark C. McClelland is interviewed by Far Out Radio Host, Scott Teeters  covering Chapter One of Stargate Chronicles on Jackie Gleason, Richard Nixon and UFOs.

Having grown up in the ‘60s, there was nothing more “out of this world” than the Space program. After all, human beings have been looking up at the Moon for eons with wonder. For the longest time, those that pondered “going to the Moon” were considered foolish, crazy, or mentally ill. You know – lunatics. The excitement of living in a time when we would actually “go to the Moon” was like the dream of mankind come true. It was truly bigger than life. The astronauts were the modern day advanced explorers and those that made it all happen at Cape Canaveral and later The Kennedy Space Center were the “smartest of the smartest” of our time.

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