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6.17.13 Kimberly Palm on Techniques for Peace-Filled Living


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Kimberly PalmOur guest this program is Stress Free Living Coach, Kimberly Palm, Founder and CEO of Body and Mind Healing.

Kimberly shares that after a stressful albeit successful corporate career, she turned to meditation and stress management to transform her life and create more peace.

Meditation and stress management made such a huge difference in her life that she decided to teach her clients her techniques and transform their lives in the same manner. She fully embraces the idea that a peace filled, happy, healthy life can be achieved through healthy diet and lifestyle, stress management and meditation.

During her corproate career, she was always very successful, because she used the same Mind Power techniques, visualization boards and manifesting techniques that she teaches her clients today.

She has studied and believes in many different types of meditation and natural healing. Her beliefs and training have led her to sharing her daily regimen which involves alternative medicine, vitamins & supplements, healthy diet and lifestyle, quantum physics, energy healing and of course stress management techniques.

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