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7/7/14 Michael Snyder- VA Scam, Child Immigrants, Economic Fraud/FarOutRadio


Geopolitical and Economic Analyst
and Author of
The Beginning of the End:
Michael Snyder

The Escalating Economic Collapse and More

economic collapse escalatesOur returning guest this program on FarOutRadio is Michael Snyder, author of the popular novel about economic collapse, titled, “The Beginning of the End,” published by Michael Snyder via Amazon Digital Services. It’s a BIG book – 442 pages and it’s available in print and Kindle format at Amazon.com.  Michael Snyder also has a popular blog, TheEconomocCollapseBlog.com where he writes about economics, social issues, geopolitics, and current events. This program we cover: The shabby treatment our Vets are receiving from the VA; The invasion on our southern borders by illegal Mexican and Central American children that are VERY sick with communicable diseases; The fraudulent economic numbers published by the government; Welfare for America’s political elite, and other stories.

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