The Last of the World War I Bomber Pilots (Red Devils)

Frank Joseph Red DevilsFarOutRadio Program. Listen Hour One HERE. Hour Two HERE. This program, Frank Joseph returns to discuss a piece of forgotten history. What was it like to be a bomber pilot during World War One? From Wikipedia: "World War I was the first war in which aircraft were deployed on a large scale. Aeroplanes were just coming into military use at the outset of the war. Initially, they were used mostly for reconnaissance. Pilots and engineers learned from experience, leading to the development of many specialized types, including fighters, bombers, and ground-attack aeroplanes."

Frank Joseph describes the experience from his book Last of the Red Devils: "Sit in an open cockpit, wind in your face, and fly over enemy territory in the flimsiest of aircraft. Experience the joy, love, pathos, and tragedy of World War I as seen through the eyes of a young American in France at war.

World War I’s last surviving bomber pilot, Lt. Edward Lindsay, reveals the intimate details and drama of life with the 96th Aero Squadron." Frank Joseph and Scott Teeters explore this seldom studied piece of history and what it was like to be an aero daredevil during this devastating war.

About Frank Joseph:

Frank Joseph was the editor-in-chief of "Ancient American" magazine since its debut in 1993 and now works as a correspondent for the magazine. He is the author of twenty books about prehistory re-published in as many foreign languages, including "The Atlantis Encyclopedia", "Opening the Ark of the Covenant", and "Unearthing Ancient America". Joseph is a frequent guest speaker at various metaphysical and archaeological societies in the U.S. and abroad.

Check out this Amazon page for a list of all Frank Joseph's well researched and insightful books: Amazon's Frank Joseph Page.

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