The Secret Destiny of America – Gloria Amendola


Has America's true destiny been occulted?

Gloria Amendola is back with us this evening. Gloria was with us a month ago and we talked about her “Mary Magdalene: Revelations from a First Century Avatar” Book series. It was a fascinating conversation and if you missed it, you can catch up by going to Far Out and look on the right side for the bright-colored “Far Out Radio, On YouTube” graphic, click through, and look on the left side for the Playlist tab, click and look for Gloria Amendola’s name, click, listen, and enjoy.


Gloria is the author of 5 published books. She’s working on a 5-book fictional series called “The Tower Series.” Two of the three are currently available. Her publisher calls them, “esoteric thrillers.”


Thanks to the huge success of books such as the Da Vince Code and others, the medium of FICTION has proven itself to be an excellent vehicle for concepts that are out of the ordinary.


Gloria is an intuitive with a passion for esoteric knowledge. Her work focuses on Mary Magdalene, Renes le Chateau, the Knights Templar, The Masons, Roslyn Chapel – and when you study all of these things, they lead you in the direction of The New Land – America!


There is an undeniable esoteric, occult (meaning HIDDEN), destiny in the character of The United States of America. There is the potential of nobility in our destiny – but it’s not a guarantee and it will not come about without effort, as there are truly dark forces working around the clock to prevent our nation from experiencing the fulfillment of our destiny.


These dark forces are tremendous, well organized, and unbelievably well funded, but it doesn’t mean they’ll win. The best we can do is to wake up out of the trance they have put it into with technology and use the tech-knowledge to bring the light of day on the Dark Side.


“They” HATE the light. And they HATE goodness and happiness. All the more reason why we MUST practice goodness as much as we can and BE HAPPY as much as we can – regardless of what’s going down. If you want to hit’m in the la bonza, do good things and be happy.


It also helps to go back to our roots and take a look at, what is our destiny. And they’s what we’ll be doing this evening with our guest, Gloria Amandola.


You can follow Gloria’s work at her website, where you can follow her writing, events and tours. And her five books are available at in print and in Kindle formats. The paper editions are VERY reasonably priced, around $9.99 for the paper versions and just $3.99 for the Kindle versions. – Scott



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