The Wrong Way to Prove Something by Extraterrestial Contactee Billy Meier

republished from: Micheal Horn's website.

Billy Meier

Billy Meier

Wanting to prove something to other human beings is since time immemorial the wrong way, and for this reason it should never be announced that now this and that shall be proved. The human being must always establish the reasoning in all matters within himself or herself, namely through his or her effective perceptions and cognitions, through his or her thoughts and feelings as well as through deep reflection, out of which cognisances, knowledge, experience and the essence of the whole, wisdom, are gained.

Wanting to prove something is wrong in every case where it concerns matters that each human being has to determine and recognise within himself or herself through his or her own rationality and intellect—out of which the human being’s own inner establishing of proof is produced. Other proofs, external ones, can only be given for car accidents or crimes and so on, when the facts have to be established in order to serve as evidence. However, when dealing with pure facts of rationality and intellect, from which proof is to be established, then it is absolutely wrong when someone wants to pursue an open and external giving of proof.

Matters of rationality and intellect can only be proven through one’s own considerations and conclusions, one’s own thoughts and feelings as well as one’s own inner perceptions and assessments. However, when in such a situation an attempt is made to prove something to someone, then it is as if the person receiving the proof was judged as being a  fool or that the one giving the proof is putting his or her greater intelligence and cleverness on display to those who are to be proven something.

The foolishness of such attempts of giving proof is also often substantiated in conversations where, for example, it is said: "I will now show or prove to you something, then we will finally see who is right." How dumb and foolish such talk of proving something is, for in every case only the inner perceptions, values, cognitions, cognisances. An inner proof is based on first creating clarity on the requirementsor premises or rather the fundamental facts on which the things that are to be proven are based on.

Only with this clarity can it actually be recognised from what size or power and facts the body of evidence consists of.This body of evidence must then be produced through inner reflections, thoughts and feelings as well as through inner clarifications. After this, everything has to be organised according to its value so that they join together in an unbroken chain, and in the end are formed in such a way that it establishes the last result—the proof generated through the evaluation which fundamentally arises out of the correctness of the arguments.

Know-alls, troublemakers,critics, and antagonists are not aware of the actual facts about the giving of proof, because they – out of their own intelligence-related inadequacies and as a result of their incompetence – negate in principle everything that is necessary for giving proof; truly, they are not even aware of the prerequisites that are necessary for giving proof. Small-minded confused ones wanting to compensate their foolishness, unknowledgeness, wisdomlessness and lack of honesty with dishonest attacks and slander in order to prop up their tarnished or weak image and their underdeveloped intelligence. Truly, an effective giving of proof through rationality and intellect is an enormous challenge that provokes antagonism from all the know- alls, adversaries, critics and those eternal troublemakers.

They are human beings who would already like to retaliate even before beginning their malicious, adversarial, slanderous, troublemaking, mendacious and critical attacks.


Translation of Billy's essay “Der falsche Weg” by Willem Mondria

Rev 1.

2 2009


9 by Eduard Albert Meier, FIGU ( Freie

Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und

Ufologiestudien), Semjase-Silver-Star Center, CH-8495 Schmidrüti ZH,

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CH-8495 Schmidrüti/ZH, Switzerland



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