Who is Behind NSA Leaks? from Dean Henderson (Video)

Dean Henderson 400US big brother state ‘self-pervasive’.  CLICK HERE  to listen. Dean Henderson, geopolitical analyst, says on Press TV interview that  Washington’s secret use of Australia’s embassies across Asia for spying purposes illustrates the “pervasiveness of big brother state” in the US.

The US is secretly using Australian embassies throughout Asia to intercept phone calls and collect data across the continent.

In a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday, Dean Henderson, a Missouri-based columnist at Veterans Today, said US spying activities are “pervasive” and the country’s allies are shocked “to the point where Germany doesn’t want to be an ally of the US anymore”.

Documents leaked by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden have blown the lid on a signals intelligence collection program, codenamed STATEROOM, conducted from sites at US embassies and consulates and from diplomatic outposts of other ‘Five Eye’ nations.

“What’s next?” Henderson asked. The American people have to decide who is behind the NSA’s spying and what its purposes are, who sponsors and benefits from this “divide” in the country “trying to break down this government”, he added.

The US has recently been embarrassed by disclosures that it monitored phone calls of at least 35 world leaders including that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, one of Europe’s most influential leaders.

Henderson pointed to “a huge realignment of world allies right now” and said “all our allies are running away” from us.

Geopolitial Analyst, Author and FarOutRadio regular guest, Dean Henderson, appears on Press TV.

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