Wil Cooksey Inducted Corvette Museum’s Hall of Fame


Wil-Cooksey-FB-GraphicWhy are Corvettes so special to people? Let’s talk with Wil Cooksey and find out!

For our Friday Night Car Show it is a great pleasure to have former Corvette Assembly Plant Manager, Wil Cooksey as our guest. Cars and trucks are everywhere and we kind of treat them as if they form themselves and grow organically. Wil Cooksey has a unique insight into the mass production of modern high performance cars.

Not so!

” Wil Cooksey has the record of being the longest running Corvette plant manager in Corvette history with 15 years on the job. During Cooksey’s tenure the Corvette community saw eight Special Edition and nine Indy 500 Pace Car Corvettes, plus the introduction of the Corvette Museum Delivery Experience option for buyers of new Corvettes.” – Scott Teeters

Modern automobiles are now  required to do things undreamed of back in the olden days of the 50s and 60s. Plus, they’re expected to be nearly perfect in terms of fit, finish, and function. “High performance” cars are expected to not only be “high performance,” they have to be perfect to an even higher standard.

No other mass-produced, high performance American car has a higher level of expectation than the Corvette. This is an automobile that started out as not much more than a Chevy sedan with a sexy fiberglass body and an anemic six-cylinder engine, and has evolved into THE flagship automobile of General Motors. The Corvette is now the longest continuously produced name brand car in Detroit’s automotive history.

We talk about Wil’s amazing career and why Corvettes are so special to people. Wil Cooksey has a unique insight into the mass production of modern high performance cars. Even for non-Corvette fans, this is real FUN!

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