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Harry Cooper from Sharkhunters talks about WW II History on Far Out Radio

Our guest for Far Out Radio, Harry Cooper is making his first visit with us to talk about his organization, Sharkhunters. No, this isn’t a fishing show! 

There is a hidden history you often are not told about in High School and College classes. Sharkhunters presents the honest WW II submarine history with an emphasis on, but not totally on German U-Boats. And where does Harry's information come from? Why, the surviving skippers and crew members of the submarines that fought on all sides of WW II.

Sharkhunters has been around since 1983 and has  some very prestigious members that Harry shares with us.
There are a few old sayings about history, the most common one being, “the victors write the history books.” This is a very old expression that has been connected to Napoleon Bonaparte and I’m certain it was around long before him. 

Yes, the victors not only get to determine the official storyline of conflicts, but also who were the war criminals, and contrary evidence is conveniently destroyed or simply ignored. 

When looking into our history, we must ask ourselves, do we want a polished up story, often written by moneyed people with an agenda, so that we feel good? Or, the truth? Listen in as we discuss WW II History facts that have been suppressed in mainstream history books.

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This from Harry Cooper's Site:

"Who are Sharkhunter Members?

A multitude of U-Boat Skipper’s, officers and crew are in the Membership of SHARKHUNTERS and contribute to the KTB with their personal memories of the Kriegsmarine and service in the U-Boats during WWII. First person accounts by the men who actually waged the U-Boat War from both sides of the periscope…men whose names are etched in submarine history. During our Annual Conventions and Tours … YOU can meet these veterans face to face!"

Harry Cooper